The internet is constantly evolving, you will be feeling that you know everything about our online world but tomorrow you will bump into something so strange and new that you never thought would have being possible to create.

As the world social media gaints struggle to get and keep everybody’s eyes on their plateform, competition enrages and new innovations keep on rolling out.

Facebook Messenger will soon be prompting you to pay back your friends

The latest of this innovation or updates is coming from Facebook. We can confidently tell you that Facebook is working its way trying to bring forth a fresh feature for its Messenger app. This update will make use of machine learning to prompt you to make payments in form of rewards to your friends.

This update depends on an innovative service tagged “chat assist” that identifies selected words as well as the actions they imply in the instance they pop up in a conversation. An example of this is when you type “IOU” ( which is the shortened form of I Owe You) into Messenger, this chat assist will now suggest you a link simply inquiring if you have the intentions of paying any sum of money you owe. According to Facebook this service is automated and it is your choice to use it or not. Chat assist comes as after launching of Facebook’s Messenger payment service which took place earlier this year.

Facebook will also roll on group chat polls to Messenger soonest. When it comes on, you will gain the capacity to ask your friends where you guys could have your dinner or even where to enjoy a day trip.

We are expecting these updates to be extended globally soonest.


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